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Can I add a link to my personal website on My Page?
How do I close my account?
Why are fellow members required to provide personal information?
Where can I find my registration information?
Payment Method
When will payment be taken?
What methods of payments do you accept?
Request Payment
When will I get paid?
What is the minimum payout?
How can I withdraw balance from my WP Shop account?
Reward Points
Can I transfer my points to someone else?
Do my points expire?
When do my reward points show up?
Service Fee
How much commission does WP Shop charge?
How much does it cost to sell an item?
How do I report a copyright infringement?
System Requirements
Can I access WP Shop on my mobile devices?
What are the minimum system requirements?


Can I get a refund?
What do I do when a seller does not respond to my inquiry?
How do I get support for an item I purchased?
I have a problem with an item I purchased. What do I do?
What is the license for WP Shop items?
How do I suspend sales or remove items from the marketplace?
How do I submit updates of my items?
Am I required to answer all inquiries from buyers?
How do you determine the selling price?
May I know the pricing structure for WordPress themes?
Who sets the price for marketplace items?
Is secondary use of items permitted?
Who owns the copyright in a work?


Prohibited Acts
How do I report violations?
What are the forum rules?


How to use
How to use the GMO Showtime
How to use the GMO Font Agents in just minutes